Ballarat Ballet Centre strives to encompass a community that nurtures and encourages individuals through arts education in a safe, recreational and inclusive environment

Age: 2 years old turning 3 years old.

A class for exuberant young people and their parents.
One morning a week, toddlers can come and play at dancing, music, dress ups and craft while mum and dad take a break in our tea room or join in. The last day of term is ALLSYNC, when families can come and enjoy the games.

Ballet - Beginners - Pre-School Class

3 YO Ballet age: 3 years turning 4 years

4 YO Ballet age: 4 years turning 5 years

A specially designed class for 3 & 4 year olds. Students delight in dancing to bright nursery rhymes and popular tunes from groups like ‘Hi 5’ and ‘The Wiggles’ as well as a variation of traditional classical pieces to kindle their love of dance.
Classes can include dressing up to become fairies and butterflies, soldiers and princes etc. There is always something new for the littlies to learn and with the use of small props they are simply captivated. Accomplished senior students ‘buddy up’ with the young dancers to help them as they take their first fairy steps. By the end of the year all our young students are ready to perform at our Annual Performance held at Her Majesty’s Theatre, where all ‘Beginners’ get to keep their very first costume. All classes are conducted by a fully qualified teacher.

Ballet - Pre-Primary - 5 Year Old Class

Age: 5 years turning 6, Prep at school

This class is for 5 year old beginners as well as those who continue from the 4 year old class.

Pre Primary is designed for the prep aged child with ‘grown up’ ballet steps starting to emerge. They absolutely love the changes of music styles, which teaches them to really listen and react accordingly to different pieces. At this age it is amazing how much they accomplish during the 12 months.

Ballet - Classical

Primary Ballet Age: 6 years turning 7

Grade 1 Ballet: 7 years turning 8

Grade 2 Ballet: 8 years turning 9

Grade 3 Ballet: 9 years turning 10

Grade 4 Ballet: 10 years turning 11

Grade 5 Ballet: 11 years turning 12

Grade 6 Ballet: 12 yers turning 13

Intermediate Ballet:13 years - 15 years

Advanced 1 Ballet: 15 years plus

Advanced 2 Ballet: 16 years plus

For students who want to excel in other areas of performance, we regard this as by far the most important of all the classes - any professional teacher or choreographer would agree. Well trained classical dancers can easily adapt to any other dance style. We teach the highly regarded Cecchetti Syllabus which is taught all over the world.
Students who choose to take their optional exams achieve outstanding results.

Ballet - Beginner Teen Ballet

Age: 12 years plus

This class has been designed for young adults who are beginning their training later in life. All of the same technical elements are explored that are learnt in the other classical ballet classes, but all of the class members are beginning in their teens.
Examinations are optional. This class has a 'fast track' option where students can stream into regulation examination classes after 12 months of basics if they desire.


Junior Jazz Age: 5 - 8 years

Middle Jazz Age: 8 - 10 years

Inter Jazz Age: 10 - 13 years

Senior Jazz Age:   13 years plus

A popular choice for dancers at every age and standard. With 4 different classes, there is a class especially for you. There are classes for the beginner dancer who wants to have fun and keep fit and there are also classes for the more serious dancer. These classes are bright, fast and full of fun and excitement. In jazz class dancers boogie to pop songs.

Hip Hop

Inter/Senior Age: 10 years plus

Street style with lots of attitude. Fresh choreography keeps the students pushing their limits in class. This style is very popular with young adults who want to do what they see in the music video clips on television. Very funky, lots of fun.



Boys Only Hip Hop
Junior/Middle Boys only Age: 5 - 10 years

We have Funk classes especially designed for boys. These classes are a mix of street styles like hip hop and funk, with the basics of more traditional Jazz dancing thrown into the mix.

Song and Dance

Junior S&D Age: 5 - 8 years

Middle S&D Age: 8 - 10 years

Inter S&D Age: 10 - 13 years

Senior S&D Age:   13 years plus

Song & Dance classes duplicate live musical theatre in the studio. The students explore theatrical elements while they dance and sing. The spontaneity and enthusiasm that comes with Song & Dance is delightful to watch.


Junior/Middle Tap Age: 5 - 10 years

Inter/Senior Tap Age: 10 years plus


We offer classes for beginner tappers from age 5 who want to have fun discovering the rhythm with their feet, right through to the advanced student. Tap examinations are optional. Tap is a fun way to keep fit for the mature beginner or seasoned tapper.


Middle Contemporary Age: 8 - 10 years

Inter Contemporary Age: 10 - 13 years

Senior Contemproary Age:   13 years plus

Explore movement in an individual way. Great for students to work on freedom of movement. Encompasses dances from a flowy modern style, right through to abstract contemporary. Varied musical accompaniment makes this class a favourite for those who love to express themselves in an atmospheric environment. This class is an excellent supplement for those studying dance at school. We have a strong self-devised element to our contemporary work which is unique to our studio and wonderful for creative bodies.


Age: 7 years plus

Limber classes are a system of stretching and strengthening exercises taken in a routine manner each week to improve flexibility, control and mobility. This class is available to any student already studying at BBC from age 8 and older.
Give it a try, you will amaze yourself!


Junior Acro Age: 5 - 8 years

Middle Acro Age: 8 - 10 years

Inter Acro Age: 10 - 13 years

Senior Acro Age:   13 years plus

Class placement is also based on skill level.

Our Acrobatics classes are designed to challenge dancers to move their bodies in new and exciting ways! Dancers are taught gymnastics tricks and tumbling skills along with individual, partner and group balances. Acrobatics helps dancers to further develop spatial awareness, agility, balance, motor coordination and teamwork. Our classes are conducted in a fully equipped gymnastics centre making use of in-ground foam pits, trampolines and sprung floors to aid in safe skill development.

Pointe Basics

Age: 10 years plus

A class held in pointe shoes or ballet shoes depending on the student's progress. Pointe basics exercises are for developing the skills you will need to execute the pointe work contained in your ballet exams and stage performances. Our focus is on safety and correct alignment because they are what the dancer will need to dance expressively on her toes!

Pointe Preparation

Age: 11 years plus

Pointe preparation is a class held in bare feet and consists of activation exercises to recruit the muscles we need to get onto pointe safely and enjoyably! Doing these exercises before class as well as during the week will increase strength and balance. These exercises target core activation, turn out control, inner thighs, Vastis Medialis Oblique (VMO), deep foot and ankle intrinsic muscles, calves, balance and proprioception. Generally speaking each student will undertake 12-18 months of pointe preparation training before they get approval to visit a dance physiotherapist for their clearance for pointe shoe fitting. No person should attempt pointe work without adequate training and the approval of their teacher and a dance physiotherapist.

Competitive Group Coaching

Age:7 years plus

Students are selected and invited to represent the studio in local and regional competition as troupe members each year. Participation is optional and members are selected.
Competition furthers technical abilities as well as performance skills, while creating strong bonds of friendship between dancers and developing a sense of achievement in young performers.

Competitive Solo Coaching

Age: 8 years plus

Competitions are great fun and lots of hard work!

At BBC we pride ourselves on our relaxed environment, however, competition is designed to accommodate students who want a bigger challenge.

Students are selected by the staff and invited to represent the studio in local and regional competition as soloists or troupe members each year. Participation is optional.

Competition furthers technical abilities as well as performance skills, while creating strong bonds of friendship between dancers and developing a sense of achievement in young performers.

Private solo coaching lessons improve your standard, awareness of technique and boost your confidence. Representing Ballarat Ballet Centre as a competitor is a big responsibility as only a small amount of students are selected to participate.

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