Our extended air-conditioned studio complex is an inspiring environment in which the students love to work.
The students all dance at our Annual Performance held at Her Majesty’s Theatre in November. This is a showcase of our aspiring performers in many dance styles and a fabulous evening
Can I come in to see the studio and have a free trial?
Sure you can! We welcome any new enquiries right up until the end of term 2. Coming in to meet us, see the studio and particpating in class is the only way to be confident that BBC is the right place for you!
How do I know if BBC is the right studio for me?
The best way to know if a place is right for you is to go in and meet the staff and students and participate in or view a class. Not every studio is right for every person all the time. We invite you to come and try us on for size!
I have lost my newsletter...where can I find another one?
Our newsletters and any important documents are available in the members area of this website. They will also be available in the studio dressing rooms to read. You can contact us via Facebook, email or phone for any important questions or concerns but all of your general information will be in the members area.
What do we wear?
If you are coming in for a trial, any comfortable clothes that you can move in are best. Leggings and a t-shirt is my reccommendation. Socks on your feet. Hair tied back off your face. Once you have enroled then the uniform which is outlined on the uniform page here is available from Kathy at Pas de Deux in Kleine Street, Ballarat.
Can I do dancing at BBC as well as other studios?

Generally the answer to this question in no. We work hard to create a well rounded approach and our staff are in constant communication to ensure you are getting the best product for your money. While we maintain a good working relationship with our neighbouring studios we do not generally team up to teach any students. If the other place you dance is in direct competition with us then you cannot pass between the two studios. However I will consider each request fully and some concession have been made under special circumstances for studios which do not compete with ours.


How does my student become involved in competitive dancing?
Competitive dancing is by invitation only. I always appreciate you expressing interest but the decision to being competitiive coaching lies with the staff. If you want more information on the process of selection please read our information "What are competitions?" on the members page.
What are exams and are they compulsory?
Exams are a system of practical assessment where an impartial examiner visits our studio and is presented with set exercises that the students have prepared over the year. Our ballet exams usually fall on the long weekend in June. Invitations to sit an exam are offered tostudents who we think are ready for the challenge. A student does not need to accept the exam invitation. A student does not need to complete an exam to progress to the next ballet level. Each individual student's progress will be measured by the staff to ensure they can progress safely to the next difficulty level.
What is the concert and when is the concert?
Our concert happens once a year and usually falls on the last Saturday afternoon of November. It is the culmination of our years work and an opportunity for all of our students to perform in front of a live audience on the beautiful Her Majesty's Theatre stage in Lydiard Street. Each class prepares an item for the concert and it is performed in costume in a professional theatre with specialised theatre technicians. Tickets are sold through the Her Majesty's Theatre Box Office. This performance is a very big deal! It is a chance for each student to shine.
How do I contact Justine?
Justine can be contacted on justine@ballaratballet.com.au or on 0447037360. Justine teaches 6 days a week and is often doing work related travel on Sundays so email is the easiest way to get to her. All complaints and feedack need to come through Justine ather than through employees.
What are Funday Sundays?

Funday Sunday is part of a series of social days run by BBC to encourage the families in our community to get to know each other outside of the studio environment. New families can use the Funday as a forum to get to know some new faces and to ask questions of other parents or staff.
Students can use the Funday as a chance to play with their dance friends.

We schedule one Funday Sunday each term and it is advertised in our newsletter.

Do I need to have Facebook to enrol?
Facebook is our usual method of sending reminders to our community. It is also the best way to stay informed about our studio achievements and general goings on. If you are unfamiliar or mistrustful of Facebook I would suggest tring to set up an account with a fake name. You can skip the steps that ask for your personal details and wouldn't need to use it for anything other than BBC reminders.
What is Rainbow Week?
During rainbow weeks we invite every student to wear a different coloured uniform to class. Bright colours, spots, stripes and
glitter, find a fun and unique version of your usual uniform. Make your hair crazy!
Bust out of that bun and let your hair down to celebrate the end of the term. Rainbow week always falls on the second last week of term.
Whatever you choose to wear, you still need to be able to do your class to your
very best ability, so it shouldn’t limit you in any way.
Can I watch classes?
Watch Week is the final week of each term except term 4 which has the concert in place of Watch Week. During Watch Week anyone is allowed to came and view classes to show their encouragement and pride in their student's proress. This is a special day for everyone so siblings are reminded to sit quietly and give the class their full attention without being distracting. Parents are encouraged to please finish their conversations before entering the classroom. Photos and video are allowed as long as they are solely of your student and they are not uploaded to media sites.
What is the digital door code?
You need to enrol before you are given the code. This is for our safety.
Does BBC sell second hand items?
Yes we do! Please note that all dealings with second-hand items at the studio are strictly CASH ONLY!
Felicity is available outside Studio 1
every Saturday of Term from 9 - 1.30pm to help you with any queries.
Do I need my invoice to pay fees?
No! You have been furnished with a fee summary on enroling and you are welcome to pay your fees as soon as possible.
How do I pay my fees?
Our preferred method of payment is electronic transfer. The account details are on your invoice or on your fee summary which can be found in the members area. Alternatively you can pay by credit card. Or simply put your money or cheque in a named and dated envelope and put it in our safe in the upstairs dressing room.
What is Cecchetti Ballet?
Cecchetti Ballet is the method of ballet we teach at BBC. Have a look at http://www.cecchettiballet.org/ to see what the organisation is all about.
What is Friends od BBC and can I get involved?
Friends of BBC is a committe of parents and other stakeholders in our community who want to support the work of BBC in a financial and practical way. Friends of BBC have an informal meeting each term over some coffee and cake (or wine!) and everyoe is welcome to attend. Notice of meetings is posted on facebook and in our newsletter.
What is Bring a Friend Week?
Our students love class and they love to include the people important to them. The idea for Bring a Friend Week is that students can share their love of dancing with a friend in the class environment. Friend Week is held over the second last week of terms 1 & 2 (in conjunction with Rainbow Week for those terms so your friend won't need a uniform)
We just ask that your friend brings a gold coin to participate. Friends with dance experience or friends dancing for the first time are welcome to participate.
Do I need to be able to sew?
No!!! People who would like to contribute to the making of costumes are very welcome but everyone pays a one off performance levy in term 3 to cover the costume their student will wear for the concert. Sewing skills not required!
Do you have a lost property?
Our lost property tub is in the upstairs dressing room. It is often overflowing so make sure you name everything to avoid loosing your gear!
Any property that is not claimed by the end of the year will be donated to the Salvation Army.
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